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Looking for a slick yet affordable logo? We know there are many DIY logo creators but would you really trust something generic? Why not be bold, be original, be brave and design something fresh. That’s what our logo design & stationery will help you achieve – a bold fresh and original look. As a logo design company in South Africa, we have over 12 years experience designing logos for one of the countries biggest franchises. We won’t say who, we will just keep it in the coop!

What does your logo say about you?

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What is our logo design process?

Step 1

We consult with you and chat about exactly what you want. We then research what can work for you. We look at colours, styles and fonts.

Step 2

This step involves you a bit more. We design 5 concepts and send to you for approval. You have the opportunity to make changes at this point. It’s up to you basically. We will advise where we can! You become part of the design process adding your invaluable input.

Step 3

Our final stage is where we tweak the choices you have made. We streamline your choice from step 2. With a little bit of work and communication we’re left with an awesome logo!

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Fall in Love

Logo design & stationery that you will fall in love with. We love design and it’s this love that drives our designers to give you the best your money can buy. We promise to give your designs our love.

Bright Ideas

You’ll be grinning in bright delight when you see just how easy it is to work with our designers. Logo design should be a fun process and with us we will make sure you enjoy the process.

Change Your Mind

Sometimes as humans we change our minds. This happens a lot with especially with logo design. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with some extra design time at no cost to you.

Well Designed

We make sure your designs are well made. We are corporate identity designers who pay attention to detail. Everything we do is well made and our passion for design shines through our work.