Service Terms & Conditions

Website Design

This is based on an image produced by our graphic design team whereby the overall look and layout of the proposed website will be presented. This image is designed around an already fully functional website. The image is presented to the client as a visual concept with their logo. Five design choices are presented. Out of these five choices ONE design must be chosen. This design will then be developed into a functional website. Any changes thereafter will be billed for by the hour (R99 P/H) and will fall into the category of amendments. These changes refer to the CSS ofthe website. CSS rules include the size of menu’s, colour and backgrounds, font styles, block styles,block sizes – basically any structural and aesthetic change to the layout and design of the website.

Payment Terms, 50% Deposit & Balance COD. Proof of payment is required for production to commence.

Website Development

Development is classified as programming and website functionality. This process coincides with web design, once a final CSS style is chosen. The CSS style is then developed from a picture into a fully functional website. The client will then be allowed to view the website. Once viewed the client has the choice to make changes to the functionality of the website. These changes are included in the developer price stated in this quote. Changes anddevelopment completion are estimated according to the client’s needs, budget and pure amount ofcontent needed for the website. Any additional features or add-ons will be charged for by the hour (R99 P/H) and will fall into the category of amendments. Augrafi Designs CC warrants that the Website will conform to specifications or acceptance criteria agreed to by the parties when delivered to Customer and for a period of one (1) year thereafter (the “Warranty Period”) and that Augrafi will perform the services in material conformity to the specifications contemplated hereunder in a professional and workmanlike manner. Augrafi Designs CC. warranties and representations hereunder will not extend or apply to any Web site modified by any party other than Augrafi Designs CC. In the event that Customer discovers an Error in the Web site during the Warranty Period, Augrafi Designs CC.’s sole responsibility will be to use reasonably commercial efforts to correct such Errors. “Error” means any reproducible error, problem, or defect resulting from (i) an incorrect functioning of the Background Technology that materially affects the functionality of the Web site or (ii) any failure of the Web site delivered to Customer to materially meet the specifications or acceptance criteria. All warranty claims not made in writing within the Warranty Period shall be deemed waived. Augrafi Designs CC warranty obligations are personal to Customer and may not be extended to any third party.

Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, the Services and Customer Web sites are provided “as is,” and Augrafi Designs CC expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind, express, implied, or statutory, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of title, no infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Each party acknowledges that it has not entered into this Agreement in reliance upon any warranty or representation except those specifically set forth herein. Unless an approval process is specified herein or in a Statement, all Web sites provided by Augrafi Designs CC to a Customer will be deemed accepted when delivered.

Augrafi Designs CC reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time and from time to time in its sole discretion, and to determine whether and when any such changes apply to both existing or future customers. Augrafi Designs CC may make changes or modifications to referenced policies and guidelines without notice to you. Your continued use of the Services following Website Pros’ posting of any changes or modifications will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications.

These terms and conditions apply to custom web design. Other projects or services may be bound by separate terms and conditions.

Graphic Design: All images will be delivered via email or USB to the client in whatever

image format they require. Upon quote acceptance and project consultation or requirements the client will receive 5 design concepts. They will then choose one final design they are happy with. Once this final design is chosen the client then has the choice of making 5 sets of revisions to the selected design. These design changes are included in the quotation price for the required product/design. Alldesign changes (5 sets of revisions) after final design choice are limited to 2 hours’ worth of design.Any changes after the set amount of 5 will be charged for by the hour (R99 P/H) and will fall into the category of amendments. Services include logo design, flyer design and business card design, etc. –

basically any raw image that needs to be created for whatever purpose or presentation. All graphic design is charged for at an hourly rate of R300. Payment is strictly C.O.D. The final price of each product is determined by this pricing structure.


Printing: Any and all material that is printed must be in CMYK format at a resolution of more

than 300 DPI. All artwork must be supplied; if not our graphic design department will make arrangements. All printing requirements must be stated clearly and precisely. Lead time for printed items is 2 to 7 business days. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. All printing material includes a delivery fee of R100 according to area otherwise collection can be arranged. Payment Terms; 50% Deposit and Balance C.O.D. Proof of payment is required for production to commence.


Hosting: Our hosting packages are determined by the client’s needs, such as email addresses,

website hosting, databases and any other technical requirement. Our packages are inclusive of maintenance, virus scanning, spam scanning filters, email addresses and any other specification stated in our hosting pricelist (see pricelist below) The client reserves the right to cancel any hostingplan, we do however require one months’ notice of which the month when the plan was cancelledwill be billed for, only then will the plan be cancelled and all necessary information be released from our servers. Augrafi Designs reserves the right to maintain and register all client domains. If a domain is owned by another party we ask that the domain be transferred to us. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend any hosting plan if client fails to settle their account. Augrafi Designs further reserves the right to manage and change any settings with regard to any domain hosted on our servers. Domain registration fees are COD as well as domain transfers. All prices are stipulated for the hosting and registration of a – for any other extension please notify us and we will arrange another quote accordingly.Payment Terms, Full Years hosting is COD or client has the choice of month-to-month hosting which is also COD.


Changes & Ammendments: are subject to any projects completion. Once the

project is completed and signed off any changes thereafter will be charged for at an hourly rate of R99. This includes any and all changes to any design item such as business cards, websites, logos, flyers and any other related hraphic design or development process (websites) Payment is COD

Social Media & Marketing: The client has the option to choose what social media

platform they desire, such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Once chosen the developer will create that page for the client based on their current corporate identity. Augrafi Designs will then manage the page under instruction of the client. The client is to provide all necessary information such as specials or product information. The developer will construct this information and post to the relevant social platforms. Any costs incurred through any of the networks will be covered by the client and the developer will notify the client beforehand what these costs are. The developer rate is charged for by the hour (R100) Payment is COD. The client has the right to choose how many days or when development will take place accordingly.

Sharepoint Development: Development will begin once the workflow design has

been finalized and approved. Our developer will then begin production and will log their hours accordingly. These hours will be recorded on a time sheet that will be passed onto the client and signed off each day, this document is then required to be sent to or faxed back to 011 436 2848. If the time sheet is not signed off and returned accordingly, no further production will take place the following day until we receive the documents. After one week’sdevelopment a progress report will be issued to the client and thereafter every other week thatproduction takes place. After one month’s development a final progress report as well as a final timesheet for that month will be issued, the client is to sign off both of and return to either or faxed to 011 436 2848. Once we receive these documents an invoice willbe issued to the client for that month’s development. If the project is not completed after one month the same process will be followed until development is complete. If the project is complete before one month we will bill according to the time sheets. When development is complete, a job completion form will be issued stating the entire project as well as all other details pertaining to, such as the progress reports and time sheets. This job completion form is to be signed and returned back to or faxed to 011 436 2848. When the project is complete a service level agreement will be sent to the client and filled in accordingly. We recommend signing the agreement as this will ensure the client receives our support offer, whereby if any changes need to be made after completion of the project the client will receive discounted services based on their option of on-site or off-site support.

Workflow design is based on the client’s needs. We will design a flow diagram which will serve as thebases for how the SharePoint system will operate and handle different functions and tasks. The workflow is presented as a jpeg image. If any changes need to be made the client is deliver these changes in writing back to the developer. The developer will then apply these changes. Once the client is satisfied with the entire workflow design a job completion form will be issued, please then sign this form and return to or fax to 011 436 2848. This design will then be processed into SharePoint designer whereby development will then begin on the SharePoint sites and server. If any changes are required to the design after the job completion form has been completed and returned all changes will be billed for according to our developers rate of R300 P/H, so it is imperative that the client be 100% satisfied with the design before signing off. Once the workflow design is signed off and completed, an invoice will be issued.

Augrafi Designs CC reserves the right to cancel service at any time and the Customer agrees not to hold Augrafi Designs CC responsible for any damages as a result of termination. Augrafi Designs CC

institutes it’s right of cancellation unless cancellation is a result of the violation of our terms and conditions, in which case, no refund will be issued for any reason. Any violation of policies, which results in extra costs, will be billed to the Customer (i.e. Transfer, space etc.). Accounts not paid within 30 days of the renewal invoice will be disconnected and deleted from the server.

i) If cancellation is a result of a breach of this contract, including but not limited to violating the lawful purpose, no refund shall be issued for any reason. If cancellation is a result of conducting illegal activities, official court documents, or a violation of the laws of South Africa or the Country the Customer resides in, no refund shall be issued for any reason.

ii) Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Augrafi Designs CC harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted against Augrafi Designs CC, its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by the Customer, it’s agents, employees or assigns. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, save and hold Augrafi Designs CC Harmless from any harm caused by the loss or disruption of service including but not limited to downtime, and missing or lost email. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, save and hold Augrafi Designs CC harmless against liabilities arising out of; (1) any injury to person or property caused by any products sold or otherwise distributed in connection with Augrafi Designs CC’s servers; (2) any material supplied by the Customer infringing or allegedly infringing on the proprietary rights of a third party; (3) copyright infringement (4) trademark infringement and (5) any defective products sold to a user from Augrafi Designs CC’s server.

Website Packages: These packages are available to all clients. All stipulated products are designed around the price mentioned on our website and any other additional costs will be

invoiced for accordingly. (See Ammendments)

Quote Acceptance:

Please note any electronic acceptance via Freshbooks (our system used to send quotes) or via email stipulates that you are legally bound by our terms and conditions – furthermore if you cancel and decide to terminate your quote, for whatever reason, after you have been quoted and production on your project has begun, you are liable for payment of 50% of that quote. Accepting the quote also means you clearly understand all legal obligations, payment terms and terms stated within this document.

Make all payments to Augrafi Designs (cc), FNB the Glen 259605, Account Number 62331418352. Thank You.

All late payments (7 business days after invoice date) will incur a 5% late fee of the total invoice amount and will be compounded (every 7 days) thereafter if no payment has still been made (within 7 days of invoice date)