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Looking for a graphic designer? We are a small design agency, with small overheads and big dreams! We’ve been around the design block, so to speak, for around 12 years now. We’ve worked in areas like Maboneng Precinct, Cape Town and Durban. We absolutely love designing websites and we adore the art of graphic design even more. Our humble beginnings started when our owner, Lyle Augustus, was sitting in an apartment twelve years ago with no experience in design or graphics. With a love for digital art he took it upon himself to provide South Africa with design products that match international standards and become a graphic designer, in that moment Augrafi Designs was born. The company has now grown into something we never thought it would. We have a broad range of clients and do our utmost to keep them happy. We are specialised graphic designers and website designers.

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We’ve been around for over 12 years now, what a relief it is to say that! So as a design company that has been around with that amount of experience, we know what were doing and you can be confident about that. We’re not going to try impress you with fancy words. It’s simple, we love design. We try our best to provide the best service and products for your business or personal needs.

Web Development

Finally! That’s what you will say when we deliver a site that you will love! We design responsive websites, HTML websites, eCommerce websites and just about anything with the word website.

Social Marketing

The world we live in survives of social media, so don’t get left behind just because you don’t know how – we do and we can help you with your social media setup, social media design and anything social media!

Modern Graphic Design

Nothing should be left outdated, especially graphic design! Our designs give your company an edge over competitors. We are graphic designers and it’s our aim to deliver modern content for all our clients.

Hosting & Emails

Did you know that we can host your website too? We also setup emails so your business can look slick and professional having your own domain name and emails. We offer a broad range of hosting services including cloud hosting.

Responsive Web Design

We need our website to be mobile friendly – that’s what we get asked. The answer is yes, we offer responsive website design. Our websites come standard this way, but if you need a custom layout we will have to request coffee and doughnuts and a quote request of course!

Search Engine Optimisation

Otherwise known as SEO. We help you get your site listed on Google and help you to make sure you get found online – websites are static without anyone helping you get some website traffic.

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